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Hi everyone and welcome to my Passion for Coffee website!

Coffee has been my passion since I started working at a cafe over 20 years ago. I realized making delicious and quality coffee makes me happy. The best feeling is when my clients are satisfied with what I create.

How I became a barista

Early on, the people I started to work with who had more experience told me that I have a good sense for making coffee. I started to read more about all things coffee and I looked for a course to learn more. Unfortunately, during this time it was difficult to find new wave coffee education, but I still practiced at my workplace constantly. One day, at work, I met one of our regional representatives for the coffee brand.

I was so lucky, because he introduced me to one of the new wave baristas who created a course and taught us all about espresso and coffee.   We were learning from the best baristas at the time in Hungary. They delivered professional courses on cup testing, how to affectively use an espresso machine, latte art design, filter coffee standards and, of course, creating the perfect espresso. The atmosphere was really inspiring at one of the most exclusive historical cafes in Budapest. I’m so thankful for everybody who helped me to become a real barista.

And why I’m here?

I know it’s not easy to start in coffee if you don’t know where to look.  It’s my goal to give help for anyone interested in specialty coffee and who would like to take it upon themselves to learn. I want to make it easier for you to learn if you are starting from the beginning like I was.

This website shows how to choose the best coffee types and brewing methods that are suitable for your taste and style. I would be more than happy to help you make a good cup of specialty coffee the way you like it.

All the best,



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  • Ivan

    Hey, I like your site a lot. I was working in coffee shops as well. I wasn’t a certified barista, but I’ve got some skills 🙂 Cool website. Looking forward to reading more content from you!

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