Good Coffee Fest @ Osaka, Japan

Hello coffee lovers 🙂

New month, new festival, new experience !

As coffee addicted the best thing we can do is visit coffee festivals around the world.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the world of coffee, meet and talk with baristas, experts, owners or simple coffee lovers just like you.  We can gain knowledge, connections, even friendships.

And last but not least we can travel all around the world, we have the opportunity to explore cultures and see how different coffee habits are from country to country.

So let’s travel to Japan in June and drink coffee!

If you are in Japan right now or going there in the next days, you can visit Good Coffee Fest in Osaka.

Good Coffee is a website in Japan where introduces coffee shops from all over the country. It’s great for get idea where to go to enjoy a coffee .

The Good Coffee Fest is an excellent possibility to meet these coffee shops in one place at the same time.

And with who you can meet there? Dear Roast, Overview Coffee, Gluck Coffee Spot, Kamin Coffee Roasters, Baristart Coffee, Woodberry Coffee and other good local spots!

Event details

Good Coffee Fest @ Osaka, japan

June 14th Wednesday- June 19th Monday

Hansin Umeda 1F, Shokusai Terrace (MAP)


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