Healthy alternatives to coffee

Vegetable coffee substitutes – Malt


Nowadays many people are looking for alternatives to coffee for various reasons. Vegetable coffee substitutes could be the best solution due their beneficial effects.

If you would like to read more about The spread of coffee substitutes you find  in this article . Now let’s talk about  malt .

What is malt coffee?

Malt coffee is made from barley, it is a by-product of roasted barley (one of the most complete and healthiest cereals). 

They germinate the barley grains for about one week after drying and grinding. The sweet malt powder often mixed with chicory.

One of the most well-known alternatives to real coffee. It has a much milder and sweeter taste, as it contains significantly less bitter and tanning substances.

The properties of malt are the same as barley in its pure state, so it is a wonderful source of food and another component of a healthy diet.

This easily digestible drink is decaffeinated. Therefore, it is recommended for children, pregnant women or the elderly.

The taste is like traditional coffee, you hardly notice the difference, especially when sweetened or mixed with milk.

It is made in a similar way to chicory coffee, it can be mixed in any proportion. It can be sweetened, flavoured with vanilla, possibly cinnamon, cereal drinks.

Malt coffee benefits

Drinking malt coffee ignore the harmful or side effects of normal coffee, such as anxiety, insomnia and nervousness. It helps you fall asleep before going to bed.

Also good for the loss of appetite, because it is an excellent source of energy. It has a very low fat content, as well as a high level of amino acids. Therefore, malt is widely used in weight loss plans.

It contains significant amounts of vitamins B2, B12, calcium, phosphorus for bone formation, as well as magnesium for nerve and muscle function, and supports the heart. 

It is made up of 92% water, making it a great way to hydrate the body. In addition, its consumption increases good cholesterol levels in the body, thereby minimizing the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases, such as myocardial infarction.

Barley fiber is very beneficial for diabetics, since it delays the absorption of glucose and supports its reduction.

It absorbs cholesterol from other foods consumed and offers a good amount of antioxidants.

Baked barley and malt from antiquity

It is the oldest cereal used to make breads and drinks, such as beer. From antiquity, they talked about the benefits of barley and hops obtained during the ripening process.

Hippocrates, Plato and Pythagoras recommended this cereal to their students because of increased concentration and rational thinking.

The Sumerians used it to make a beer-like drink (its technique is still used today), and the Scots used it for their traditional beer: whiskey.

The Celts regarded barley as a gift from the gods because it allowed them to raise body temperature in winter, and even believed that it could revive the dead.

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